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A noteworthy session of Parliament

Last Wednesday's session of the People's Assembly of Abkhazia (ApsnyPress, Vitali Sharia/Ekho Kavkaza) featured three interesting details.

First, the session was held in Abkhaz, with interpretation provided for those present with only a command of Russian, even though Deputies switched back to Russian during some of the more critical …

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Independents defeat prominent politicians in Abkhazia's parliamentary elections

Last Saturday, on the 10th, Abkhazia held the first round of its fourth parliamentary elections since gaining independence. I have fitted the results into a big table on Wikipedia. The results from constituency 21 are not yet known, due to heavy snow fall, and there will be a rerun in …

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Sergei Matosyan elected Vice Speaker of Abkhazia's People’s Assembly after all

Last May Albert Hovsepyan resigned as Vice Speaker of the People’s Assembly of Abkhazia. At the time, he was the highest ranking Armenian in Abkhazia, and I posited that it represented a setback to Armenian integration into the Abkhazian state. All the more so since he had not been …

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Albert Hovsepyan retires as Vice Speaker of Abkhazia's People's Assembly

On the 3rd of May, Albert Hovsepyan announced that on account of his old age (72), he was retiring as Vice Speaker of the People's Assembly of Abkhazia. This news has received very little media attention, but it is potentially significant, since Hovsepyan is probably the most important Armenian politician …

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The destroyed World War II monument in Kutaisi - Part 2

This post is a quick update to the story of the destruction of the World War II monument in Kutaisi last Saturday, which killed a mother and her child.

The governor of the Imereti region has been fired, and the head of the company directly responsible for the detonation has …

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Authorities in Kutaisi pull down World War II monument (killing two)

Authorities in Kutaisi have pulled down a World War II monument, making headlines because it cost two people's lives and it injured several others. Which is a tragedy, and I wonder why they had to pull down the monument in the first place. Supposedly it stood on the site where …

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