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Sergei Shamba elected chairman of United Abkhazia

At its sixth congress, held on 27 January, United Abkhazia elected as its chairman veteran politician Sergei Shamba.

Shamba, who was one of the Perestroika-era leaders of the National Forum Aidgylara, has been an independent political force since the 2004 presidential election. After seven years as Minister for Foreign Affairs …

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United Abkhazia's move into opposition prompts exodus of members

Ever since the 2011 Presidential election, it was unclear whether United Abkhazia was still a government party. Unlike former President Bagapsh, Alexander Ankvab had never been a member, and its Chairman Daur Tarba did not return as Vice Premier in the new government. Moreover, United Abkhazia did not perform particularly …

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Abkhazian local elections show lack of competitiveness outside Sukhum, Gagra and Gudauta

Abkhazian democracy has many weaknesses, but presidential and parliamentary elections during the last 10 years stood out for their high level of competitiveness. The recent local elections, held on February the 12th, illustrate how uneven Abkhazia's development has been.

Voters elected the fifth convocations of the local assemblies of Abkhazia's …

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